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Connect and play.

Let us know what your sport is and where you like to play it, and we will help you meet your match.

Play your game, rate it – and grow the Sportside community!

Our app helps you meet your match.

Whether it is finding an opponent at your level for a game of tennis or squash, a running partner to introduce you to a new area, a sports coach to help you with your new activity – or even someone who runs a team and you are on the look-out for new players – Sportside is here to help you connect. And play.

Who is it for?

& Coaches

Sportsiders can find a coach in the same way they find a player – and can tell others all about it on the app.

& teams

Find and manage your next club or team, or even start your own.

& events

We help you run your event – and allow others to find it!.

Our mobile app

Our app enables you to find someone to compete against, find a player for your team – or simply someone to join you with your sport.

Find a venue, play your game, rate it – and grow the Sportside community

Clubs and events

Sign up to Sportside and take the stress out of training schedules, team selection, travel plans, subscription payments and news updates.

We help you run your teams, groups and clubs.

Mission statement

It is our mission to connect like-minded enthusiasts – regardless of sport or standard – to connect and create a healthier, happier, more active world.