That Little White Ball

That little white ball 

If there ever were a sport in history people love to hate it probably is Golf. It is one of the most popular sports in the world, but as soon as you think you have conquered the little white ball, golf has the tendency to bite back hard. You can never rest on your laurels playing this game, and you always must approach the little white ball with respect and humility.  

You may have a great handicap or look quite handicapped playing this sport, but the 19th hole is always the most popular. This is where people reflect on their game and tell all those – not sure it is true – stories about previous rounds they played.  

Well, golf has a few interesting facts. Next time – even if you played your worst round – you can entertain your friends with great and weird golfing facts.  

Actors also love playing Golf 

Samuel L Jackson, one of the world’s most popular actor who acted in movies such as Pulp Fiction and Django Unchained, has a contract clause to play golf twice a week whenever he works on a film. 

Nearly impossible 

It is difficult to play a hole in one, but nearly impossible to play a two in one round. Recently, Oakland University Kassandra Komma did just that. The odds for achieving that is as low as one in 64 million. 

Rather want to keep your handicap a secret? 

If your handicap is not the best and would rather not tell anyone, do not feel too bad. 80% of all golfers will never achieve a handicap of less than 18. 


In 1899 AB Smith played a round of golf. He describes one of his shots a “bird of a shot” which became a “Birdie” over time. 

The longest drive? 

The longest drive on an ordinary course is 515 yards. This was achieved by Michael Hoke Austin of Los Angeles, California, in the US Open Championship at Las Vegas, Nevada on 25 September 1974. 

In the clouds 

The highest golf course in the world is in Peru. It is the Tacu Golf Club in Morococha. This golf course is 14,335 feet above sea level at its lowest point. 

The big easy 

The South African golf player Ernie Else is also called by his nickname, the “Big Easy” 

No worries 

Tiger Woods has already won more than $100million and counting in prize money.  

good workout 

If you choose to rather walk than ride on a golf cart, you can burn off 2000 calories. Golfers that ride on golf carts burn about 1300 calories. That is a good reason to ditch the golf cart and start walking. 

The longest putt 

The longest putt in history was done by Bob Cook in 1976 during the International Fourball Pro Am Tournament. He holed a 140-foot-and-2 ¾ inch long putt at St. Andrews’ 18th hole. 

Golf will always be a game of a lot of up and downs, highs and lows. Never give up and enjoy the challenge. Golf is like real life and teach you that you must keep persisting even if everything feels against you. So, take you golf clubs and go to your nearest golf club today. 


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