5 Good Reasons To Workout with your Friends

Found it difficult to finish a strenuous workout on your own or felt lazy and stopped half half-way through promising yourself you will make up the next day? This happens regularly, especially in the cold and dark winter months. Training with a Workout Buddy take your training to a different level. Motivation will increase, workout intensity will increase as your competitive spirit emerges and you push yourself hard than ever before and no matter how far away your goals are they will be achieved quicker. Sportside would like to share with you 5 good reasons to work out or exercise with a Sportside. 

  1. More Motivation, No Excuses 

It is a warm Sunday afternoon and you have just had a chilled out morning. Your favourite move is about to start. Sounds like a great excuse to skip your gym session, correct? Not if you have a Sportside Gym Partner.  Regularly arranged workout times with your buddy or friends help you keep your routine and not skip sessions. The chances of skipping the session over your gym session are much lower now. It would be embarrassing if you did because you just ‘did not feel like it?’ This is medically proven as well. Scientists at Stony Brook University in New York have found that the exercise habits of sports buddies, friends and family affect our own personal motivation. Strong evidence shows that if people close to us are motivated then we become more motivated and this encourages everyone to do more sport. So what does this mean? It means you should put on some fitness clothes and your running shoes, meet your arranged sports buddy and break into a sweat. You will feel amazing after it. 

  1. Training becomes a lot more fun 

Many training sessions and moments are fun if you do not have someone to have fun with, chat to and laugh with.  When training with other world sports buddies’ new exercises and ideas are always coming up that makes the exercising and training more fun and interesting. Toby and Anthony, for example do not just do a plank challenge but incorporate hand slaps as well whilst Lindsay and Joanna throw a ball back and forth doing sit ups. There are loads of ways to shake up your work outs and the best ones always are generated when training with a sports buddy. Energy will increase, time will fly and next thing you know an hour of exercising will be up. Best thing of all is you will be looking forward to your next session. 

  1. Pushed to the limits 

Want to give up and feel exhausted? Everyone has felt like this when exercising but a sports buddy will build up your motivation again and push you harder. No one likes leaving something with the feeling they could have done more or been better. The competitiveness spirit in training will push you and stretch you to the limits. A recent survey revealed that 84% of people say they got a better workout when training with a friend with the average solo workout being 36minutes with runs lasting 29mins when solo and when training with a sports buddy the workout average is 42 minutes with the average run lasting 31 minutes. Find a Sportside now and organise that workout session or find a group of running buddies for that run. 

  1. Sport brings people together 

The dropout rate for people attending a fitness course or session with another sports buddy is 6% whereas it is 40% if attending on their own. You do not need to be a mathematician to work out that one of the best reasons for exercising with a friend is the social interaction. Exercise together, form an identity together and feel alone no longer. Best of all is sharing your successes with your friends, for example, breaking your time record for a 7 km run or bench pressing that weight you have never been able to do before. They would all have seen first-hand, whilst being secretly jealous of your new enthusiasm, and know how hard you have worked. If you do not achieve your objectives as quickly as planned or anticipated? Who cares? A high-five from a friend can make things seem much better and you know your Sports Buddies will always knocking at the door to push you even harder. This all creates connections between people and the experiences bond people together making their friendships much stronger. Your best friends will become those that you exercise or do sport with for sure. 

  1. Train together, stay together 

You should also consider training with someone you want a romance with or your current romantic partner. Studies have shown that couples who exercise together regularly are happier in their relationship.?Working out together?strengthens the relationship and enhances sexual attraction. A morning cycle ride, a gym date in the evening or a game of tennis on the weekend can heat things up – isn’t that reason enough to work out with your better half? 

So you still want to skip that workout or feeling lazy or have you already arranged a Sportside and are out there running with him or beating him at tennis? Tell us why you like training with your friends. 

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