Bicycling Quite A Fascinating Sport

Bicycling quite a fascinating sport

No one will ever disagree that bicycling is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. People love to cycle, from the avid high-tech competitive rider to the recreational Sunday rider. The word bicycling is quite descriptive. Bi- means two and cycle round or continuously. So, in other words, it means going continuously on two round wheels, (my layman’s definition of bicycling[CR1] [WvH2] ). There are a few weird but interesting facts about cycling that the general person probably did not know about, that will make the next trip on your bike more interesting, or plain[CR3]  entertaining. Here are some interesting facts:

First race

The first Bicycling race was in 1868 just outside Paris. Cycling was one of nine original sports in the modern Olympic games which was held in 1896. The other sports were: athletics, gymnastics, shooting, swimming, tennis, weightlifting and wrestling.

Bikes made out of wood!

The first constructed bikes were nearly entirely made out of wood. They stop making this types of bikes because there were too many accidents.

Paved roads

Paved roads became mainstream not because of motorcars, but because of bicycles. Bicycles could not travel across coble stone very well, but cars could.

Faster than a speeding bullet

The fastest a person in the history of Bicycling was Bigos. He reached a speed of 167.043 miles per hour at a Paralympic Trial in Augusta. That is quite unbelievable.

The longest tandem bike

The longest tandem bike had 35 seats and was 67 feet long. That sounds like a race in itself.

The world’s most expensive bike

The most expensive bike ever build was designed by artist Damien Hirst. It was a Trek Madone or the “Butterfly Bike”. This bike had a price tag of $500, 000 at Sotheby’s.

Bike invasion

The Japanese invaded Malaysia during World War 2 on bikes.

360 km per liter?

The bicycle is one of the most efficient machines ever invited by humankind. Four liters of gasoline contains about 31,000 calories. If a person could drink gasoline, then a person could ride about 360km per liter.

Fastest bike ever made

The world’s fastest bicycle cost 1,000,000 pounds to design and took four years to make. Theoretically the bike has a top speed of 250 mph.

Hopefully these interesting facts will make you view your bike in a different light. This is the best time to start cycling because the health benefits of cycling are also numerous, not even talking about the mental benefits.


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 [CR1]Hi Wes.  I would not include this sentence.


 [CR3]Or entertaining

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