Scuba Anyone? Four Easy Ways To Find A Dive Buddy Online

4 Easy Ways to Find a Dive Buddy 

The buddy system is one of the first and most important things we learn about as divers. We practice it on every day and it could save a life when we need to use it. So, what are the ways of finding a Dive Buddy to join you on your future diving adventures or planned Dive holiday? 

Ask your friends 

This might sound really simple m- and it is – but you might just find that a friend in your circle is a keen diver and you have never known about it. If not, perhaps they have always wanted to learn and never had the opportunity, incentive excuse to learn. You never know, your future Dive Buddy may already be in your phone book or been staring you in the face the whole time. 

Join a Dive Club 

Scuba Diving Clubs are always great places to meet scuba diving enthusiasts at all levels and interested in all types of scuba diving including Underwater Photography, Night Diving, Wreck Diving, Deep Sea Diving and Artic Diving. Nothing beats sharing diving stories and hearing about the latest amazing dive sites around the world 

Go on a dive trip with your local PADI or NAUI Dive Centre 

The majority of the PADI and NAUI Dive Centres all offer trips that you can join and participate in. These trips always range in length and number of dives, some might just be a day whilst others a weekend or longer. You will meet like-minded passionate scuba divers whom might just become your new Dive Buddy. 


You already know that you can log dives and look for new dive sites on the PADI website Scuba Earth. If you take a look at a local dive site and look at the recent diver box in the sidebar. There are people there whom have logged a dive site at the site recently and they could be worth contacting to become your next Dive Buddy. 


Sportside is the ‘World’s biggest Smallest Sports Club’ and is an App and Website which you can us to find a Dive Buddy or a Dive Club anywhere in the world and even someone for a specific date and time as well.  Register now and Find your Dive Buddy. 

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