Five surprising ways sport clubs benefit children and youth

More good news about the incredible benefits of physical activity! Here are five amazing things that children and youth get out of being a member of a sport club:

Healthy bodies, healthy minds

Through the development of healthy physical habits, children and teenagers are not only supporting healthy bodies but will also show improved performances at school. Another great advantage of sports clubs – that generally involve long term commitment – is that if young people are physically active from a young age, they are more likely to continue to be so for the rest of their lives.

Social skills

Structured activities, especially sport, are proven to be linked to lower levels of anti-social behaviour in children and channelling of hormones to constructive self-development. Sport clubs help the youth to develop life enhancing critical social skills such as good citizenship, positive peer relations and respect for authority though interaction with people their own age and their elders.


Studies have shown that those whom engage in sport and physical activity are more confident. This self-confidence grows and feeding off the achievements children will discover a capacity within themselves that they never knew existed. Whilst participating in sports children see themselves as a different person, a person with more potential, broader horizons, bigger possibilities and they can see that they can push themselves and take risks not just in sports but elsewhere. Sports clubs allow children to build this self-esteem, trust in their own abilities, receive encouragement and praise and learn to accept constructive criticism,

Skill building

Sport clubs provide an opportunity for children and youth to learn skills that will help them in school, as well as in their future careers and personal relationship. Through engagement in sport, they learn leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, responsibility, self-discipline, and a sense of initiative.


Sport clubs help children – especially those who are disadvantaged – build last friendships and feel part of a wider community. By bringing together individuals from different races, religions, genders and economic backgrounds, sport can promote mutual respect, tolerance and understanding.

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