Sportside Ambassador Profile Factfile: Mischa Varmuza

Age: 36. Born: London, UK. Lives: Currently travelling globally. 
Practice: Yoga Welcome to the Sportside family. Why did you decide to become a Sportside Ambassador?

  1. Welcome to the Sportside family. Why did you decide to become a Sportside Ambassador?

I believe deeply in the power of sport and yoga to inspire more conscious, happy and healthy lives. Yoga can be quite a solitary practice, although there is much beauty and value in this, it also opens hearts and minds and creates connection and builds authentic community – I believe Sportside can help promote and facilitate these empowerments for the benefit of everyone.

2. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

My practice, the quiet early morning is a precious time for me to be in self-practice. Also sunrises and nature when I am blessed to be out in wild landscapes

3. Who or what inspires your practice? 

My primary teacher and mentor Sianna Sherman lives and breathes the practices in the most authentic, masterful and loving way and she is a main inspiration for me. There are a number of great masters who’s teachings and work guide my practice and also many special souls who keep it as much real as they do remind me of the utter magic and mystery of it all. And my own journey, the wildness and unexpected unfolding of the inner quest is a great teacher and inspires my practice and teaching daily.

4. Your greatest yoga moment/personal or otherwise?

It was not a specific moment in time, but rather the journey of coming into right relationship within myself, which I believe reflects back into my relationship with all of life, and through this process finding the courage to keep opening my heart, even when life is tough, and to follow my dreams. 

5. How did you get into yoga? 

I found yoga at university but started to practice regularly in my early twenties. The main part of my life was rooted in the grind of office life and parties, none of my friends at that time were into yoga and classes became a refuge away from what felt to be an unfulfilling lifestyle. It offered a space where I could simply be with myself, moving and breathing and strengthening and opening my body. Something started to feel different inside of me, it was that feeling that kept calling me back, the growing connection back to my centre and of waking back up into my heart.

After some time I started searching for deeper ways to immerse myself, to improve my practice and to learn more about the nature of yoga and I committed to my first teacher training. I went to learn more and to grow as a human, perhaps to teach, but I wasn’t set on that to begin with. It was such a deep and beautiful process it completely captivated me and I left knowing it was just the beginning.

I completely trust the capacity of yoga for transformation and self discovery and am continually humbled by the practice; the way in which it inspires growth and inner freedom and invites a profound experience of the fullness of life itself. It is this recognition that inspires my devotion to share yoga.

6. Do you have any other passions?

 Being in nature, painting, travel and study of ancient wisdom practice.

7. Sportside is about connecting people. What do you see as the barriers to entry to sport?

I think it is ‘fear’; fear of not being enough, in one way or another. Yet sports, yoga especially, should be inclusive, not exclusive. It should inspire connection, collaboration and celebration of one another; it should challenge us to grow, not from a place of lack, but curiosity and joy and passion, knowing that we are already whole. This is the essence of what yoga reveals to us.

8. And the benefits of yoga?

Yoga benefits our whole wellbeing; it improves muscle strength and tone, flexibility, breathing and respiratory health; it calms and soothes our nervous system and adrenals helping us to relax which in turn supports overall wellness and promotes healing; it supports the heart, our cardiovascular health, but also our heart centre, welcoming more joy into our lives. Yoga reaches far beyond the physical and I believe it grows self-love, inner strength, confidence, loving kindness and compassion ~ it expands our overall awareness and sensitivity bringing us into deeper connection with ourselves and others, with nature and all of life. It is body, mind and soul medicine!

9. What’s your next big goal?

I have recently launched online to support the live immersions and my students, this is still in its birthing phase so I am hoping to continue to expand; next is to start sharing teacher trainings for Rasa Yoga, the yoga school and global community that I am a part of. The intention within all of this is to build, grow and nourish community through yoga.

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