Our New Year Resolution … To Help You Enjoy A Healthier, Happier 2020

By XAN VARMUZA, Founder and CEO, Sportside 

A happy and healthy New Year from all of us here at Sportside. We’re looking forward to a fantastic 2020 with the official launch of our app which will help you connect to your ideal match – and create a global local sports club. 

Of course, this is a time for resolutions and, according to YouGov’s latest survey, our top three all focus on exercise, diet and health. 

Around 47% say their goal for 2020 is more exercise/improving fitness, 44% go for losing weight and 41% per cent plan to eat better. Interestingly, one in five of us aim to take up a new hobby. 

The Sportside app helps you try something new in 2020. It allows players to find their ideal match, tailored by sport, ability, gender and location. 

As well as matching up players, Sportside allows coaches to grow their clientele, clubs to manage themselves, brands to attract new customers and venues to maximise revenue. 

Sport changes lives and is a force for social good. We believe Sportside will encourage more people to participate in activities and promote a positive healthy lifestyle. 

Crucially it breaks down those barriers to entry. Yes, many of us start of the year with great resolutions, but sometimes the first step on that path is the most difficult to take. How do you find the right sporting partners, the right club, the right venue? 

Sportside is a simple one-stop shop that helps you keep those New Year resolutions. We look forward to supporting you on your journey to a healthier, happier 2020.

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