May 1, 2020

#Sportsider May Issue.

Hopefully, the majority of our viewers will be reading this issue from the safety and comfort of their own homes. We say to you all, thank you for taking the current times seriously and doing your part to keep the Covid 19 crisis from spiralling out of control. It has not been an easy period with the extension of the Lockdown across several countries only adding to the general feeling of anxiety and claustrophobia.

A PROFILE ON AA SPORTS. Urban Sports Equipment Provider

A&A Sports has long been associated with sports clothing, footwear, equipment and accessories across a wide range of sports. With humble beginnings on various markets across the North West of UK they built up their large portfolio of brands to support a wider range of sports including football, rugby, running, general fitness, swimming and martial arts.


If you’ve had the pleasure of seeing Tom Hardy’s film Bronson, you’ll know that Charles Bronson is considered to be one of the most violent criminals in England. The central focus of many documentaries regarding violence in prisons, treatment of prisoners in England as well as psychiatric studies, he is a man who has intrigued as many people as he has terrified.

THE TIME OF THE GAMER. #PlayApartTogether

In an unprecedented move, the Game Industry has united to promote the messages of WHO in a fight against Covid 19. The virus that has brought the entire globe to a shuddering standstill. They have come together under the banner of #PlayApartTogether, a campaign to unite us all while keeping us safely apart while we play our favourite games against opponents who may be in different countries. Go internet!


Balancing health and lifestyle, motherhood and a career as well as being an advocate for personal freedoms and expression, Carly Rowena has become an icon in the fitness and lifestyle community. A model of self-respect and openness, her videos and vlogging content is enjoyed by over four hundred thousand subscribers and touches on many important topics and not just at home fitness.


A couple of months ago the presiding “call” for parents and communities was to make sure that children spent time playing outside with their friends and not sitting inside stuck on their consoles. Suddenly this has shifted to keeping them indoors and not socialising.

A PROFILE ON BEYOUNG OUTDOORS. The Art of Making a Surfboard

Established in 2009, Beyoung Outdoors is a Ningbo-based exporter specializing in water sports products, including kayaks, S U P, Surfboard, Bodyboard, Skim board and a wide variety of kayaking gear and surfing gear. An ultimate one stop buying experience for those wanting to source high value quality gear.