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A&A Sports has long been associated with sports clothing, footwear, equipment and accessories across a wide range of sports. With humble beginnings on various markets across the North West of UK they built up their large portfolio of brands to support a wider range of sports including football, rugby, running, general fitness, swimming and martial arts.


AA Sports have  been supporting sport men and women for over twenty five years from their bricks and mortar store on the outskirts of Manchester City Centre. A reputable and knowledgeable company known for stocking some of the biggest sporting brands from across the globe and for being highly innovative in their offering. Conscious of the fine line between applicable and fashionable their stock has always provided a balance between the two at consistently affordable prices.


Official Sports stockists of leading branded sportswear for men, women and babies AA Sports hold brands ranging from Nike, Addidas and Speedo to Under Armour, Voi Jeans and many more. They even cater for some infant sportswear for the smallest babies.


Their  collection of sportwear includes a wide range of clothing and attire for men and women including the latest sportwear technology, hoodies and sweatshirts, T-shirts, vests polo shirts, shorts jackets and even stylish jeans and chinos.


As science and comprehensive research have demonstrated conclusively how important correct footwear is to training and exercise, their range of sports footwear has become pretty comprehensive. Featuring a large selection of footwear inspired by sports professionals including trainers, sandals, flip flops and a range of sporting boots. Many of their brands feature the latest in podiatric technology to ensure that all important competitive edge.


Really a one stop shop in the same store sports bags and gym sacks for men and women and other accessories can be found. Baseball caps, beanies, winter hats, scarves and gloves as well as essential underwear and socks for men and women can all be purchased from the store and what cannot be found can always be ordered.


One of the main categories is children wear and AA Sports catalogue include everything from essential gear for all major sports as well as replica kits for those kids wanting to emulate their sporting heroes. Safety equipment, parent equipment and a selection of baby grows and clothing.

Over the two and a half decades that the company has been providing gear to their customers they have learnt how to predict the upcoming trends and stock things accordingly. So, for those parents looking to purchase essential gear for their kids they’ll also find a selection of affordable school bags and school sports kits.


FOOTBALL. The beautiful game.

Their football range is huge, and they stock a great range of Men’s & Kids Football Boots with  boots for firm and soft ground and astro turf from Nike including Mercurial as worn by Christiano Ronaldo, Nike Hypervenom as worn by Wayne Rooney & Neymar, Nike CTR360 as worn by Iniesta and Nike trademark Tiempo range as worn by Gerrard Pique. 

They also have a wide range of Adidas Football Boots including the Adidas Predator & F50 Boots as worn by Golden Boot player Lionel Messi.  Recently they’ve introduced the Under Armour Boots to their collection with a multitude of styles and technologies that they couldn’t pass up.

Replica Men’s, Kids and Babies Football Kits from Manchester United, Manchester City & England are available at low prices so customers can support their team with pride.  For aspiring Goalkeepers, they offer a wide range of Men’s & Kids Goalkeeper Gloves from Nike, Adidas & Top Glove brand Reusch in must have Fingersave technologies for the total shot stopper. 

Padded goalkeeper clothing is available with multi padding on those prone impact areas to keep goalies saving all match.  They have a wide range of Football Equipment and essential Accessories for goalie kit bag including shin pads, studs, whistles and the latest official footballs from leagues and competitions around the globe including the Barclays Premier League, Serie A, La Liga,  World Cup & Euro Competitions. 

The available teamwear range has essential football kit staples for matchday with an array of football socks, shorts and team jerseys so you can go on the pitch in style.


Exercise and fitness has become a massive part of our lives and we need to keep active more regularly and that doesn’t always mean that you have to leave the house.  

Stocked is a wide range of exercise equipment and training aids that can be done from the home for customers to keep active without having to pay for a gym membership. To support all corners of exercise they also keep all the important range of sports injury supports to cover a wide range of body parts to get you back to training as quick as possible.

For gym goers needing to look the part, men’s and women’s exercise and fitness clothing essentials are stocked. When exercising it is important to have a good pair of trainers with cushioning as this can prevent injury and help you enjoy your session without having to nurse your sore feet as well as your sore muscles afterwards.  They have a great range of men’s and women’s cushioned fitness trainers with Air, Gel, Structured and other supports for the foot. 


Running is one of the simplest forms of keeping fit and a good run also helps to release stress and endorphins to enhance your overall wellbeing.  Whether you are aiming to look the part during race day or just look good while pacing on the road customers can find whatever they need.

A fully accessible range of running clothing to support specific technologies to help work up a sweat while keeping you feeling dry and comfortable whatever the weather.


Now this sport is not for the feint hearted.  Their Rugby range is for the toughest of athletes and the game is a non-stop match of bone crunching tackles and continuous action.  Carrying some of the best names in the sport with Steeden, Optimum, Kooga and Rhino Rugby on their books so you can be rest assured you are with the right team.

Due to the high demands of rugby matches, injury is a frequent part of the game, so they have ensured they stock a wide range of body protection to their catalogue to cover an array of body parts including headguards for cranial protection and shoulder pads with multi padding to cover all important impact areas. 

They also sell forearm guards and mouthguards to protect teeth.  As far as balls are concerned, they have Official Match Rugby Balls from the English Super League, Australian NRL and Official British & Irish Lions Balls. 


For those that like to get their fitness fix Swimming in the water AA Sports can accommodate you too.   If you’re looking for a low cost piece of swimwear including Aquashorts, Swim Trunks, Jammer Shorts or Ladies & Girls Swimming costumes they have it covered from top swim brand Speedo.  They even have floatation aids and armbands for helping kids learn to swim!

That is pretty much it all covered, by now you can see they are one of the best for new, affordable and discounted sportswear. They welcome contact and enquiries regarding their products and look forward to hearing from you and hope everyone is safe during this trying period.

Website: www.aa-sports.co.uk/about-us

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