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A global platform, Athlete IQ was founded in Adelaide, South Australia by experienced coach and tech entrepreneur Alex Minicozzi to help athletes harness their potential as elite competitors and excel in their chosen sport. 

Alex, MD and Founder, is an experienced coach with qualifications from the Australian Sports Commission and ACSA and has spent the last decade working with elite players in various roles. Having worked with individuals and groups within premier tennis academies, clubs and schools in Australia as well as coaching in universities in the USA his experience in helping athletes blast through obstacles in their development is second to none.  


Over the course of his career, Alex has consistently witnessed the value of an intelligent and scientific approach to athletic mental development. It is this approach which he believes is the much sought of after “extra percent” that can boost athletes to their peak performance. And, crucially, help them maintain that level for longer.

“Elite sport is not simply about training and competing anymore,” he explains, “It’s about creating and cultivating an environment to learn and to expose athletes to physical and mental discomfort, so that they can become stronger. Athlete IQ aims to enhance, enable and educate the athlete that will help them make it and sustain it in their sport.”

The main areas of focus include strength and conditioning, sports psychology, mental strengthening, sport performance and dietetics. Facilitating training programmes tailored to suit the client’s conditions and details, Athlete IQ offers holistic athlete management. Utilising experts in their fields as well as former professional athletes themselves, they offer a range of services for individuals and teams needing sports and performance psychology, mental health counselling and programmes to help further develop mental strength and flexibility, physical strength and nutrition.


Having regularly worked with many sporting bodies and institutes, Athlete IQ knows the importance of time and efficiency and so their services are constructed with ease of accessibility in mind. Available through online coaching, with easy to access information and education, their client base has grown well beyond the borders of their native Australia. One of the outstanding features that is regularly mentioned in their many reviews and testimonials is that their services are not only tailored but are presented in a personable and friendly approach and highly scientific.

“We optimise performance not only physically but also mentally,” Alex explains, “To do this effectively it is crucial to develop openness and honesty between the client and their coach. Our system’s effectiveness relies on that high level of trust and transparency.”


According to Alex, Athlete IQ’s unique system has had proven results for athletes irrespective of their sporting disciplines. It comprises of five stages that the coach and athlete must progress through in order.  

Assessment: To fully understand which areas need development.

Analysis and Programme Design: A fundamental analysis of the athlete’s current performance, goals, ambitions, motivations, diet, training and their mental focus. Followed by the designing of a unique and specific programme for them.

Creation of an elite learning environment: We are all a product of our environment afterall, so if an athlete is struggling to tap into their abilities then the location where they are trying may need to change.

Result Analysis: Once all the data is in it is thoroughly analysed by the experts.

Review: The results are reviewed and discussed fully and next steps are taken.


Alex outlines that this year, Athlete IQ  plans to continue building on their successful launch. They have had several high-profile athletes take on their services and are planning to partner up with several sporting academies and clubs to be their first choice for athlete management.

“One of the barriers we aim to knock down are the stigmas that exist for athletes wanting to invest in themselves holistically,” he says, “It is an area that is often the last to be looked at, but it is demonstratively crucial for athletes and especially the athletic elite.”  

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