For those with busy lifestyles who have to manage their surfing time around work/life and not the other way around, knowing where to find the best swells can make all the difference. There is little more disruptive to a surfer’s calm than missing the perfect waves, because you’ve gone to the wrong beach.

Even if surfing is currently off the table due to Lockdown, summer is just around the corner and surfers will always want to know where the waves are. So, to keep you updated here are the best apps to keep appraised of the best tides.

  1. True Surf

Providing the important details of all the beaches near your location using GPS location to your phone, Surf Stoked is perfect for those who like surfing and like beaches. The user is able to search through filtered regions or by city on the app and it allows you to save your favourite spots with just a click. Additionally, it also gives information about surf lifesavers, guards and important such details of your chosen beaches. Giving you all the essentials before you hit the waves.

Designed for surfers, Tide Data gives weather forecasts, tide information and moon phase information. The iOS surfing app uses GPS or even manually entered locations and users can save their favourite beach spots in the app and track the forecasts later.

Providing detailed forecasts of weather and surfing conditions, Coasting is a useful tool to have if you’re looking to plan a surf trip. With the app the user can save their beaches and see their forecast anytime, anywhere and is considered one of the top apps for surfers around the world. Providing relevant and useful information the premium purchase on the app provides features like sunrise and sunset times, water temperatures and even recommendations.

The Tide Graph app boasts over five thousand locations and beaches of surfing in the US, including both modern and legacy locations. A great tool for any water sport enthusiasts as well as for boaters. The app uses harmonic predictions from various U.S. coastal stations and provides them in an interactive graph to its users. An internet connection is a must to see the latest tide graphs owned by U.S. stations only.

For those studious surfers that like to log their surf, track skills and more iSurfer is perfect. Users are able to easily track their progress in surfing, allowing for steady progression to the next level. To aid this the app has a lot of videos and advice to help users make the most out of it. The user also can shop for the best gear in the app without having to leave it. Making it easy, straightforward and convenient.

There you have it, five great surfing apps to make the most of. If we missed any that you think should be included drop us a link.

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