#Sportsider May Issue.

Hopefully, the majority of our viewers will be reading this issue from the safety and comfort of their own homes. We say to you all, thank you for taking the current times seriously and doing your part to keep the Covid 19 crisis from spiralling out of control. It has not been an easy period with the extension of the Lockdown across several countries only adding to the general feeling of anxiety and claustrophobia.

Our editorial team has been working remotely from their homes and have had the opportunity to see how many businesses and professionals are handling the current situation. It has left us all with a poignant sense of hope, optimism and strength.

This is after all, a challenge that the majority of people have taken head on by cooperating with their government’s plans and the advisements of the WHO. Thanks to this, we will overcome the dangers posed by this virus and we will come out on the other side stronger.


When counting the number of major sporting events that have been rescheduled, postponed or cancelled for this year, the list proves to be very long. Across the board many thousands of professional athletes of all levels have found themselves at an impasse. However, despite this, social media is brimming with positive messages from our sporting heroes taking to the internet to keep the spirits of their fans as high as possible. Proving their worth as our champions. To all of these inspiring athletes, we say thank you.

Countless businesses within the sporting industry which include the equipment suppliers, service providers, promotors, personalities, trainers and others have found themselves unable to operate or work. While the impact of their sacrifice may linger on their bottom line, long after the Coronavirus has stopped making headlines, it has saved lives. To all the businesses doing their part, we say thank you.

And to the millions of fans out there who are now sitting at home doing their best to stay active and mentally level. We say thank you to you too. More than ever we are a global team fighting a common foe. Teamwork and cooperation is the only way that we will win.


Bloggers and vloggers have been leading their audiences with a message of hope and hard work in the struggle to stay fit during Lockdown. To match with their incredible efforts, we looked into an infamous workout by an infamous hero of the cellblock! We also have taken a look at a number of prominent sporting governing bodies and the industries that, despite the current lull have been thriving.

We hope you’re staying safe and give you full permission to put your feet up and have a good read.

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