Announcing This Week’s #influencer Tennis Coach Peter Freeman.

This week we are delighted to share this EXCLUSIVE interview with tennis YouTube star Peter Freeman who is joining the Sportside family as an #influencer partner.

Pete is a worldwide leader in online tennis instruction, he has a super YouTube channel called Crunchtime Coaching. It’s a channel for those who love tennis, looking for guided instruction and also have some fun.

There’s some really amazing content on his channel, full of lessons on how to improve your game, tips on how to master and upgrade your shots and fun challenges for people to take up at home, Pete is also active on Instagram and Facebook.

Below his wonderful video interview are some of our favourite videos of Peters’ and quotes from his interview with us.

Peter took the innovative approach of answering our questions on video.

“Most of my life I had been on the court thinking the only way you can really make money is on the court, one day I decided I got a real job in real-estate where I was getting leads online, I connected tennis with the online world and that helped spring it all”

“It’s mandatory you have skills online, it’s the opposite of a ‘get rich quick scheme’ you’ve got to educate yourself and the target is always moving.”

“I’ve always loved to watch tennis, Andre Agassi was coming along and I loved being out on the court imitating these guys.”

“Serena Williams is totally dominant, I watched her live and couldn’t believe how hard she hit the ball”

“The game has gotten a lot faster, it’s got a lot more scientific, the technology has changed, there is a lot more discipline today.”

“I think a big mistake we make in tennis is go out on court straight away before learning the technique, it’s building bad habits, it’s impossible to have good technique and deal with the high ball, I would prefer we treat it more like the martial arts and we tech the arts of the moves first and then allow people to hit the ball.”

“With regards to Coronavirus, we’ve turned lemons into lemonade, we’ve done a 30-day tennis technique and fitness challenge that has been on of the best course we’ve ever done, it was a great time for the students to reflect and study what they were doing” 

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