Introducing Our New #Influencer Partner Coach Matt Dickens

You may remember Matt from this article we ran about him on our blog and the feature on him in our Magazine. Matt runs his own successful business called Atlas Health + Performance, he specialises in performance coaching in all areas of health and fitness and his clients are mainly athletes.  

We are pleased to announce Matt is also coming onboard at Sportside as an #Influencer Partner. We will be sharing his content across our channels in the coming weeks.

Make sure you follow Matt on Instagram here, Facebook here and Twitter here.

Below are some of our favourite action shots and captions from Matt’s Instagram.

How many ways can you add that resistance at home?! Single limb? Weights? Weighted vest/rucksack? Bands? Why not all of the above?! ?

Ok calm down, I’m not suggesting anyone be stupid. I’m strong ? Use a load that you can handle, but one that pushes your capabilities too of course.
Well #armfarm & beers was an astounding success! Cheers to everyone who got involved ?

Massive thanks to @d_mcilwaine for joining the live and providing the session! I know @bradleysmith38 was grateful for the hollow holds! ?

Perfect Friday session and some much needed fun in this #lockdown! Don’t forget you can catch up with the fun on my story for the next 24 hours ???
Tomorrow morning 8am: get involved people! ?????

#kettlebell #training is an awesome way to develop strength, power & stability through a wide range of movements. Working at a decent pace means we get our heart & lungs going pretty good too! ?
Who’s tried the 666 push ups?! Sent from the devil himself @d_mcilwaine ?

6x Hindu push ups,
6x Spiderman push ups,
6x 6 second eccentric push ups with elbows in.
All consecutive.

Try to get 3 sets done without dying! Or crying! ?
Loaded carries are good for your #core ?

Garden #workout: pick up some logs, carry them to other end of the garden, repeat until all the logs are moved. Time: 90 minutes ?

There was quite a lot of wood. Got it done though obvs ?

#funinthesun #homeworkout #training#lumberjack #coreworkout#loadedcarries
This set up is the one for #training pulling movements and strengthening your back at home ??

Tag your mates who need this!

Got to thank the one and only @schwarzenegger for sharing this! Pure genius!

Just editing a video of 8 back strengthening exercises you can do at home with no equipment. Watch this space, it’ll be up later ??

#noexcuses #nogymnoproblem#strengthandconditioning#athletetraining #plantbasedathlete#homeworkouts

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