Introducing #Influencer Partner Jordan Burgess Of JAAB Fitness.

This week we are excited to introduce you to the founder of JAAB Fitness, Jordan Burgess. Jordan has an amazing online coaching business called JAAB Fitness, in his own words “ I help frustrated men and women reach their body goals and change their lifestyle” Check out JAAB fitness’s Instagram here.

Hi Jordan, it’s great to have you onboard with us here at Sportside! How are you getting on?

I’m doing great thanks. Staying healthy and happy as possible at this strange time for everyone. 

Brilliant. Now you’re a personal trainer based in Wolverhampton, but our readers may not know a whole lot about you yet. Can you tell us a little bit about your background?

So I’ve been a personal trainer for 6 years now, starting back when I was in Australia playing semi-pro rugby. When I came back to England in 2016 I immediately looked for a base to run my personal training business from and Pure Gym seemed to be the best fit. I’ve worked there now for 4 years and its great I love what I do! 

Fitness is obviously something that’s really important to you. Has that always been the case, or would you say that it’s something you’ve grown to love as you’ve gotten older?

I’ve been involved in sport since before I could walk. I started Judo and other martial arts at the age of 5. I was the youngest black belt in the Cambridgeshire area at 16 where I grew up and became British Champion Under 70kg in 2010. So fitness has been a massive factor in my life since a young age. I then started playing rugby at 13 and fell in love with the sport which gave me so many opportunities to play across England and abroad in Australia. I then decided to make fitness my career, qualifying as a PT at 21 and I’ve never looked back.  

People are attracted to fitness and to a healthy lifestyle for a whole host of different reasons, whether it’s the physical or mental benefits. From your perspective, what is the main benefit to keeping active and physically fit?

In my eyes, fitness and exercise is the most overlooked form of therapy. It can give such a sense of fulfilment completing a tough workout and can teach you so much about yourself and what you’re truly capable of.

Obviously there are so many benefits of being healthy and staying in shape. Not just physically but definitely mentally too. With daily exercise and a well balanced nutritious diet you can improve all aspects of your life, from sleep quality and energy levels to self confidence and belief in your abilities. 

Now the last couple of months haven’t been easy on anyone, but it’s clear from your channels that you’ve not let your training slip. How have you been finding training in lockdown?

The situation has forced me to adapt and learn more about different styles of training for the body. My cardio vascular fitness has gone through the roof purely because I haven’t had the weights to train with so I’ve found other ways in which to stress the muscles with high volume body weight reps and various different movements. More burpees than I can count! 

You really don’t need a gym to get results, myself and all my clients have made some incredible progress through lockdown. Some of them have got into the best shape of their life by just working out in their garden!  

I noticed from your channels that you have been using gymnastic rings and quite a lot of bodyweight training techniques. Have you enjoyed switching your training up during this time?

Oh yes definitely! Its been something different for me to focus on. I really enjoy learning new skills like the gymnastic rings and pushing my bodies limits in as many ways as possible. 

It’s easy to become slightly demotivated with your training when you’re not able to keep up your usual routine. What advice have you been giving to your clients and to those around you to keep themselves motivated?

Set out a new routine that can work for you and do your best to focus on the things you can control. For example, try and wake up and go to bed the same time everyday. Also if you can set times in which to do certain tasks. 

For example I always made sure I completed my work first thing in the morning and made sure I trained the same time everyday which then allowed me to spend quality time with my family in the late afternoon and evening. This kept me disciplined and helped me keep structure throughout my day. 

Now it hasn’t always been about weights and personal training for you, in fact, you used to play rugby. When did you stop playing competitively?

Physical fitness is such a huge aspect of rugby, its what lead me to my career in the fitness industry as a trainer. I still play every now and again because I enjoy the sport and the competitive side of the game. 

I guess it’s easier to focus full time on your business when you’re not training constantly or playing at weekends, but I guess the skills and experience you developed during your rugby career have really helped you develop your knowledge of physical fitness?

It definitely is much easier to have one main focus but yes 100% the skills and experience from rugby are what has made me the man I am today and the reason I am good at what I do in the fitness industry.  

I need to ask… Have you ever thought of getting back to it properly?

I do sometimes think maybe i should push for a higher level again but right now there are much more important things in my life which need my attention. To be honest i play for the love of the game and the fun of competing with my friends and teammates. This is what I value most about the sport now.   

Well Jordan, it’s been great speaking to you, and thank you for taking the time. We can’t wait to work together moving forward and once again, we’re delighted to have you onboard. Speak soon!

Thank you very much. I’m excited and very keen to get involved. 

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