#Sportsider. July 2020 Issue.

Humans have played sport for as long as history has taken the time to record us. Organised games are a quintessential element of being human and Lockdown hasn’t changed that. We thrive on friendly competition, we seek heroes in those who perform, we believe in the power of sport and its ability to smooth relations and foster peace.

At the moment there are a lot of things that we can get angry about. Having been forced to stay at home and isolate ourselves and being bombarded by all the negative news of the world it has made things a bit bleak. Now that Lockdown is hopefully ended and, if we’re lucky, we should avoid a second spike, we are at last seeing a return to sporting events upon the horizon. 

This will have a huge effect not only on the multitude of industries that directly depend on sporting events but also the mental health of fans of sport. The return to a state of normality, for many, will be determined by the return to playing and watching our favourite sports. 

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In our third issue we’ve highlighted a number of important factors to the return to normality. We’ve spoken with the newest ambassadors of the Sportside App. We’ve highlighted a selection of businesses working within the sporting realm and have done our best to do our part in keeping sport alive during these quiet periods. 

As always, we are very busy on social media as well, and if you’d like to connect with us there please feel free to. 

Otherwise, stay say, wash your hands, call your friends and family and remember, we’re all a team.

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