This month’s top sportside influencers.

It is said that you’re only as good as the company you keep. With this in mind #Sportsider is proud to acknowledge the amazing influencers that are making sports and health accessible to everyone. These are the champions.

Mads Selmernielson

Fulltime school teacher at the Royal Ballet School in Odense, Mads Selmernielson says that he does a lot of coaching in badminton for players participating at an international level. Other than that, he also helps badminton clubs get more members and raise the quality of badminton training. Additionally, he educates coaches on coaching badminton and running badminton clubs.

What he loves the most about his work is being able to spread inspiration and attention to a broader audience. Making learning free and accessible while still bringing out some key elements for everyone to improve.

“I love the interaction with my followers and fans,” he says, “Without them I would have stopped playing a long time ago. I have this extraordinary feeling that I might be able to change the badminton world with my philosophy: That badminton is for everyone, no matter where you live and the circumstances you come from. Everyone should have the chances to dream and to fulfil and reach their dreams!”


Planning to continue on all parameters  Mads has plenty of content planned for his YouTube Channel. This time the content will be much more interacting with his followers. He explains he has just learned a cache of new editing skills and is waiting to announce a few online courses and a website where he will share his experiences with a lot of digital material available to download.


Michael Jordan!




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