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For Nadine, yoga isn’t really a job but her biggest passion. Enjoying the opportunity to spent time on the mat and moving her body to reconnected herself to her breathing and getting out of her own mind. She reveals that it is a chance to really present in the moment, spend time with oneself and connect on a deeper level.

“I feel that yoga can really heal the body, the mind and the whole being through simple breath work, meditation and yoga postures, called asanas,” she says, “It’s a beautiful journey I find of self-exploration and growth.”

Nadine goes on to explain that yoga helped her in many ways and because of this, her mission is to guide and help her students evolve in their practice on the mat and use what they learnt on the mat in their everyday life. By this, she means, understanding and integrating the ethical, moral and societal guidelines or “Yamas” (A part of the first limb of yoga from “the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali”) for yogis such as the Yama “Ahimsa”, or “non-violence” into daily activities.

For example, practising self-love towards yourself such as changing patterns of negative thought and/or learning to create a peaceful acceptance and reconciliation with one’s true nature. “The Eight Limbs of Yoga” gives practitioners guidelines within their practice, both on and off the mat. She believes that real transformation happens when we begin to practise yoga in all dimensions of our being and its beautiful to see this transformation amongst my students.

What Kind of Yoga does Nadine teach?

 Nadine teaches hatha, vinyasa and prenatal yoga to beginners and to advanced students. It’s not about touching ones toes but having fun on the mat and moving your body with your breath in harmony. She always tries to motivate her students and make them feel amazing in their bodies and in their minds. Her goal is that each time they are on the mat they let go of their day, their worries and hope to give them a boost to reset and recharge their batteries and make better decisions with a clearer and more positive mindset and perspective.


“My goal is to develop online and reach  a larger international clientele,” she says, “I also want to build up a successful YouTube channel and offer classes to follow for each level.”


In yoga, she often watches BohoBeautiful on YouTube who she finds very inspirational. She is very professional and motivating even for beginners. Nadine likes the fact that it’s also spiritual and fun. In her personal life, Nadine finds great inspiration from her family her are her rock in all times and a source of endless motivation.


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