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Jamie Is Running

After spending 12 years following a career that he had no personal interest in, and did purely for the money, Jamie Ramsay was left feeling deflated, unfulfilled and unhappy. Now he loves his work, he does it on his terms and he gets to travel to the most incredible places.

No two days are the same and the challenges, while sometimes painful, always leave him fulfilled. He is also fortunate enough to work with some amazing brands including Cotswold Outdoor, Gore Wear, SunGod and Powertraveller. The people behind these brands all have adventure in their DNA and are a great source of inspiration and support. 

Defining himself as a Solo Multisport Endurance Adventure Athlete, Jamie explains that this basically involves him trying to push himself as hard and far as he can go. Either running, cycling, or trekking he finds himself in harsh but spectacular places with efficiency as a main driver.

So far, he has managed to rack up an incredible 31,000km of human powered adventuring in 28 different countries. He has been to the highest place in the southern hemisphere, been the closest to space that a person can get on earth, cycled across Australia, run across numerous countries and led camels through the Mongolian winter. The wonderful thing about what he does, is that he never knows or would believe what he is going to do next!


C-19 has put the spanner in the works for most of his planned adventures but this has left a nice gap to try and tackle a whole host of other adventures that have been on the back burner.

“In the past,” he says, “I used to travel to the corners of the world to do my adventures, now I have the opportunity to explore a few of the places that are on my doorstep.”

His next trip will be a 2000km cycle into the Alps and he also has his eyes on some cycling and trekking adventures in the Pyrenees. He will of course continue to monitor what they are allowed to do and will adapt accordingly and once permitted he will be off.


Jamie says that he doesn’t really have a single role model and prefers to recognise certain  aspects of various adventurous people to see how he can bring those qualities into his life. This being said, if he had to choose one person whose life has been the most inspiring it would be Ben Fogle. Fogle is a man after all who gets to do amazing adventures, meet extraordinary people and is constantly in situations that are incredibly enviable!



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