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More than just helping people make positive physical changes in their life, Nadia De Marco believes that the best thing about what she does is helping them build their self-belief. This subsequently has a positive impact on every area of their lives, not just their health and wellbeing. To her, being a part of that process is incredibly rewarding.

Nadia provides a programme that keeps training and nutrition incredibly simple. The 4321 Method:

4 workouts a week

3 healthy meals a day

2 healthy snacks a day

 be your number 1

This is a simple but effective framework that gives her followers all the tools to be able to control their exercise and diet. The 4 workouts are just 30 minutes long and are body weight focussed so they can be done anywhere and at any time, similarly the snacks are simple and quick to prepare.

Nadine explains that the simpler you keep these factors the more time people have to work on the 1 as this is often the hardest part. Believing you can do it and staying focused. This needs the most work and is actually one of the core aspects that she spends most of the time on as a personal trainer.


Having just had her second baby, Nadia has taken a little time off recently, therefore the second half of the year she is looking to get back to full fitness and then spending some more time expanding the product. Recently they introduced a yoga series to The 4321 Method so when she gets back to training, she may look to add other complementary workouts as well as adding more family friendly recipes.

“I am also really excited to work on the second series of my podcast,” she explains, ‘I completed the first series before I went on maternity and have a lot of good ideas for series two.”


Serena Williams. According to Nadine, she is one of the greatest female athletes of all time, is completely fearless, dedicated and constantly pushing boundaries. 



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