This month’s top sportside influencers.

Malika Ranshaw

Malika believes strongly in the online community’s potential to help others realise their self-worth. It takes a lot of strength to stay motivated and focussed on your goals and its very admirable when people achieve this. She believes that there is always more to be done to showcase these remarkable stories.

She explains that she started her Instagram page to track and share her fitness journey and progress whilst at university, which eventually changed to a personal blog  page to share these elements while raising mental health awareness. It still remains a hobby as she loves sharing her passion for fitness and the advantages it can have on your life as a whole.


After five years of studying, Malika has just graduated with a Master of Science at the University of Bath in chemistry and physics. She had planned to travel at the end of 2020, but plans have changed due to the current Global Pandemic. Instead she plans to take the time this year to decide what career path she wants to follow and start looking for jobs. She’s very excited to get out there and see where life takes her whether that be in fitness or science.


Malika looks up to influencers such as Krissy Cela and Meggan Grubb because they have worked so hard to achieve their fitness goals but also share a passion for spreading positivity and the mental benefits from exercising!



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