Announcing #Influencer Partner, Mads Selmer

Having watched your channels, your passion for badminton is abundantly clear. What was it that attracted you to badminton in the first place?

I was quite young, 9 year old, and my dad introduced me to the sport. He was introduced by his father, my grandfather. None of them ever participated in competitions it was only for fun and for staying active. I guess 🙂 

In the school i found it quite difficult to keep up with others, school was a bit difficult. I was always in a rush regarding to my school work. I started playing badminton, had an amazing and then things went fast. I was seen, i got applause and finally i found some thing to succed in. A place to boost my self esteem and worth, when school didn’t managed to. Later i kept up with school and it helped my self esteem and so on.. By that badminton actually had a quite huge impact on my life. I did not play badminton due to the competition but for the joy. I felt myself when stepping on to the court. 

That’s basically why i created a channel to help people understand, enjoy and get better at badminton. I like to think that i am not the only one in the world who found peace in badminton at a rough time in their life. 

(This somehow went quite personal , but that would be the story from my perspective) I do love my teachers in the school + my classmates. I still have very good relations with them. 


As a sport, badminton requires a little bit more in the way of equipment and space than some others. Did you find that when you were younger this was perhaps a bit of a barrier? For example, if you want to play football you just need an open space – is it different with badminton?

Yea, it certainly does + it’s quite limited to maximum 4 players per court. But however i was lucky enough that in my city we had 2 big indoor halls with 14 courts. I could therefore start on my local team and practise two time each week. Which was my weekly highlight! I actually started playing football and had a fine level. I mostly played football because my friends was playing. I played football simuntaneusly with by badminton carreer for 3 years. Then i decided to go fulltime badminton and practise 4 times a week in different clubs. 


Obviously the UK is now in the grip of the coronavirus and we’re not able to go about our daily lives like we normally would. How would you say that is impacting on your training and your fitness overall?

The badminton training is definitely set on pause, the physical badminton training. We are as so many others restricted from playing badminton. Anyway, it’s time for being reflective and check up on priorities. The fitness level is increasing in some places and decreases in others. The rough muscle training is descreases due to the lack of using weights. I’m using a couple of free weights but mostly body weight. However i will say i managed to increase in motorical, flexible and stability aspects. I also do a lot of running to keep my stamina high. 


Are you able to tell us a little bit more about how you are keeping fit and active throughout this time?

I think i answered this above, however: daily training routine. Strength and running. Every other day i do one of the things. 

After each session (all days) i try to improve my motorical and flexibility. I’m working on the Royal balletschool in Odense – so there is plenty of inspiration about these aspects. They is just on a complete other level than me 🙂 


We have noticed that your channels are focusing a lot on the body’s mobility and stability at the moment. How important would you say those exercises are for badminton players at a time where they aren’t necessarily able to practice as normal?

It’s indeed important. Focusing on mobility + stability gives you an advantage when returning to the court. By doing these exercises you will impact muscles and parts of your body you normally only impact when playing badminton. That’s why if you forget to do these kind of exercises you might get an injury when you start again. Focus especially on: Ankle, knee, shoulder, back, groin and tendons!! 

If you want a long lasting badminton career it’s a lot about minimizing your chances of injuries while staying on a competitive level.

It also doesn’t seem like you need much equipment at home to benefit from your workout advice – are there any pieces of equipment such as resistance bands or weights that you would recommend to athletes right now?

If you do have freeweights + resistance bands they will be heavily recommended. See how many of your daily routines from before the virus you can keep on doing! You should be careful using weights or resistance bands if you never used them before. They will have a different impact on your body – if you are not used to them! Get all the equipment as possible for doing home workout but do not go blind when using it. Get a couple of tips from experts.  


Lots of athletes have been using this time to address imbalances in their bodies or any weaknesses that they may have – like all sports, badminton players get injured. Are there particular impingements or strains that you would advise athletes to work on during this time?

As i said before i would recommend people focusing on:   Ankle, knee, shoulder, back, groin and tendons. 

Basically you don’t want your body to get injured when you hit the courts again + your tendons is the glue between your body parts. They should always get some strength. 


And finally, have you unearthed any TV shows or movies that are simply unmissable?

My list is indeed very long! I got a recommendation from my girl friend: Peaky Blinders, which is absolutely perfect.

Coming to movies i would recommend the following: 

Rush (Two formula 1 drivers rivalry)

Warrior (Battle of two brothers in MMA) 

Interstellar (Fascinating story of space)

Parasite (Perfect video)

Whiplash (Make a student reach is full potential – rough methods)

Joker (Crazy story)

Like stars on earth (Wonderful story of a boy who didn’t fit into school under normal circumstances)

3 idiots (Chase excellence and succes will follow)

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