Announcing Our New Head Of Product Development Adam Murray.

Today we are excited to announce the appointment of our new Head Of Product Development Adam Murray.

Adam has a really strong technical lead background most recently having delivered a new fintech app product to market which involved managing the design, to build, to launch process and included actually going to live in India to set-up and manage the development team!  Additionally he has worked across several consumer facing digital platforms and has an excellent grasp of the digital marketing space and data management.

He’s really excited about joining Sportside and will fulfil our overall CTO requirements through to leading the product development from Phase 1 to Phase 2++ and beyond.

He’s a Canadian, plays golf and was a semi pro pool player so watch out for the casual offer of a game for money!

The most surprising thing about Adam is that he was a professional figure skater in Canada, taking part in many competitions as a child and below you will hear how he has taken what he has learned from figure skating and transferred it to business.

You’ve heard it from us, now hear what makes Adam tick in his own words with our EXCLUSIVE interview below:

Welcome to the team!

‘We can use tech to bring the world together through sport’

Name: Adam Murray. Age 33. Lives London. Education: Degree: Computer Science, Business Administration Profession: Tech Innovator and Entrepreneur. Job role: Head of Product Development, Sportside. 

  1. Welcome Adam. What inspired you to join the Sportside team?

The vision and the team. Working for a company that aspires to have a positive impact is important to me. Also, Jeremy and Bob have done an amazing job creating a great team and company atmosphere, despite the challenges that remote working brings. 

  1. There’s a few sports social apps out there on the market, what makes Sportside so special?

There are sports social apps in the market but none of them solve the fragmented technology and user experience. Sportside is addressing this problem which is one thing that makes us really special.

For me, a big driver for being active is the social aspect it brings. Connecting and competing with people is a catalyst for self-development. There are many applications within the market that solve individual pain points for sport participation, However, Sportside aims to become the Amazon of sport participation technology.

  1. You were brought up in Canada. What influences shaped your life and career choice?

My parents got our first computer when I was very young, before Windows, with dial-up internet. I had a fascination at a young age with technology and because of this, it drove me to choose an education and career in technology. I made a quick decision to move to the UK about 10 years ago, which started as a one-year plan but has now turned into my home.

  1. How big a role does sport play in your life? 

Not as big as I would like it to since Covid. Playing pool and snooker was a great way for me to meet new people when I first moved half way across the world and this extends to any sport or club. Sport enabled me to meet like-minded individuals and forge friendships.

  1. You were a competitive figure skater in Canada, what skills did that teach you that have transferred to your career.

Planning and execution. Managing multi-functional teams and having them work effectively is like a well choreographed routine.

  1. What got you interested in Figure Skating in the first place and can you still do any moves now?

My older sister Ashley got me interested. Unfortunately, I would struggle to show off any moves these days.

  1. And your all-time sporting hero?

Kirk Muller – Ice Hockey – Montreal Canadiens

  1. Any words of advice for budding tech entrepreneurs? Or the best piece of advice you have ever been given?


The secret sauce for success is intertwined between what your users are asking for, and drawing from the advice and direction of mentors and advisors, who offer the opportunity to learn from the challenges they have persevered through.

  1. Who inspires you from a business point of view?

Elon Musk because he is at the forefront of innovation across many industries.

  1. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Working with a company that aims to have a positive impact on communities across the globe. Coffee always provides a bit of extra motivation though.

  1. If you had to pick three perfect dinner guests (living or dead), who would they be?

Julius Caesar

Elon Musk

Alan Turing

  1. In the era of Covid-19, what role can tech play to improve the health of the world?

Technology has kept the world connected through the Covid pandemic, which creates an opportunity for people to be part of a sport group without the implications of meeting in groups.

  1. You join Sportside at an exciting time as we build up to the big launch, what’s your main focus just now?

Stability, scalability and security. The team have a very clearly defined vision for the product and features, so my focus is to ensure that we can launch and scale quickly.

  1. Where would you like see Sportside in five years time?

I would love to see Sportside in the hands of hundreds of millions of people, across hundreds of countries, positively impacting global health and wellbeing by becoming a household brand.

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