Announcing Our New Social Media Manager: Jamie Gough.

Today we are excited to announce the appointment of our new Social Media Manager: Jamie Gough, to the Sportside team as we gear up for launch.

Jamie lives in Bromley and has done a BA at the University of Portsmouth, prior to that attending Ravensbourne School.

He has a big passion for sports, with football being at the forefront. He has played and captained football teams since the age of 9 and is a Level 1 qualified football coach.

Sheffield United are his team, nothing can change that!

We love these photos of Jamie which clearly show his passion for sport from a young age.

You’ve heard it from us now checkout what he has to say in this EXCLUSIVE interview below.

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Q: Welcome on board Jamie. It’s great that we have another sporty member of the team. What attracted you to the role at Sportside? 

I actually found the company before I discovered the role! A friend of mine had been struggling to find a football team in and around London and during University I had struggled to do the same. With moving around so frequently, I never felt I had a place to find a team or buddy to play sports with, so Sportside solves my own personal issues. Working in sport is something I’ve wanted to do since starting my career.

Q: Social Media and digital marketing is at the forefront of every business’s  integrated strategy these days. Why did you choose Social Media as a career? 

I definitely think all aspects of digital marketing are incredibly important, but during my time I’ve found I really enjoy the sense of community that comes with Social Media, building relationships with like-minded people and adding my own bit of personality to the brand.

Q: Which social media channel do you believe is adapting and innovating most effectively to satisfy ever changing consumer behaviour? 

It’s really difficult to ignore just how popular TIk Tok is at the moment. A lot of sports teams and tournaments have taken the forefront of engaging with their fans with short clips. It’s gone from a channel just for individuals having a song and dance to a platform that launches careers and builds communities.

Q: As a football fan we see from your Linkedin profile that you follow both Brentford and Sheffield Utd. Divided loyalties? 

Not quite! I have a lot of respect for Brentford as a club as they focus heavily on data analysis, purchasing players to develop and sell on for a lot of money. But Sheffield United are my team, nothing can change that!

Q: Including yourself of course, who would be your 5 a side dream team? 

There may be some slight Sheffield United bias in here…

Dean Henderson in goal. Very talented and full of personality. Myself and Roberto Carlos in defence, we obviously share a lot of similar qualities. Messi to play in the midfield, and Billy Sharp up top. I’ll let them do most of the running!


Q: As a qualified coach which team would you love to manage? (We’ll now find out the real answer to question 4!) 

As much as I’d love to manage Sheffield United, I don’t think I could! I never want to see the day where Chris Wilder isn’t in charge, and I know how much Sheffield United fans demand. My local side Bromley FC would be my pick. It would be great to see them in the football league.


Q: As a tennis player you’ll know that playing different types of partners is critical to developing an all-round game. Sportside to the rescue? 

Most definitely. The first time I played a left-hander I was playing into their forehand instead of backhand and couldn’t adjust! Finding new partners to play with or against develops your court awareness and understanding of the game a lot better than playing the same partner each week.


Q: What do you think will be the next big trend in digital marketing? 

I can see AI based marketing taking a big step this decade. There will be more and more chatbots and automated messaging appearing in marketing communications. I don’t necessarily think this is right, as that touch of personability within the relationship could be lost, but I can see AI coming on leaps and bounds very quickly.


Q:  Who would make up your perfect tennis doubles team? 

I can’t ignore Rafael Nadal. He’s an icon of mine growing up. As a partner I’d choose Mansour Bahrami. He’s a very talented and funny Iranian player who never got his chance at a major tournament.


Q: Who in business inspires you most? 

In digital marketing I would have to say Neil Patel. He knows absolutely everything about growth hacking and digital marketing and appears absolutely everywhere when you research the latest news in the field.


Q: If you could visit any sporting event in the world what would it be? 

Following England in the football World Cup is an absolute dream. I always get caught in the passion of supporting England when it comes around. It’s the only thing left on my sporting bucket list!


Q: Where do you see Sportside in three years time? 

I think Sportside is limitless in the number of places and people it can reach. In three years I envision my friends all using the app as we’ll be at an age where we move to new areas and need to find new teams and partners to play with.


Q: Any hobbies outside of sport? 

A lot of my life is sport centred…but I do enjoy watching the same few TV series on repeat.


Q: Describe yourself in six words?

Personable, driven, hard-working and reliable.                           


Q: Knowing what you know now, if you could give one piece advice to yourself five years ago what would it be? 

Have confidence in your decisions!

Sure some things may not work out but at the very worst you can learn from mistakes and find real success in the things that do go well.


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