Meet The Intern: University of Edinburgh’s Jack Elvin.

We are delighted to be welcoming a new intern to Sportside’s team –student Jack Elvin – Jack is living in Fulham, London but is currently studying History at the University of Edinburgh.

Here is a little about Jack in his own words: “Before I attended The University of Edinburgh I attended Radley College. Although studying History, I still manage to focus on sport and have just submitted a large piece of work on football’s origins, which I will also be doing my dissertation on.

I have a big passion for sport, both playing and spectating, and my current university football team, Neville Wears Prada are still unbeaten three years in, and we are hoping to sustain that in our final year! Chelsea has always been my team, and I am confident that we will win the champions league this year, and England will win the euros this summer to cheer us all up after the last year in lockdown!”

What attracted you to working for Sportside?

At university, trying to create your own team and then find other teams to play, I can promise you is no easy feat! Especially this year when so many people have been unable to travel to Edinburgh and have been studying from home, Sportside has been fantastic in helping us find people to join our team and find opponents to play! This last year has been very challenging for people’s mental health with the lack of social interaction. Through the opportunities provided by Sportside, I am excited to work for an app that will help create happier and healthier communities. I have always wanted to work in sport and am really excited to gain valuable experience this summer. 

Where do you see Sportside in the next few years? 

I think Sportside’s potential is enormous and there will be no telling the number of people and places it will reach. As a university student moving into London, hopefully when I finish my degree, the need to make sure I keep fit and avoid a beer belly will be crucial! So finding new people to play with and play sports I actually enjoy instead of just going on runs will be vital. Lots of my friends are already using the app quite regularly, and I can only see this becoming more and more regular.

What was your dream job when you were a kid?

Playing for Chelsea alongside Didier Drogba of course! Or winning the 100m final at the Olympics. I guess at 22 there is still time…

Who would be your ultimate five aside dream team, including yourself?

No Chelsea bias I promise, but it would have to be Cech in goal, as soon as that helmet went on nothing was getting past him, and he was instrumental in Chelsea winning the champions league. Bobby Moore and Terry in defence, maybe not the quickest, but would put everything on the line for the team. Then of course it would have to be me in midfield and Messi up top, with Lampard replacing me immediately!

Three perfect dinner guests?

Well firstly David Attenborough would have to be one. I could listen to that voice for hours, and I would learn so much cool stuff from him as he must have basically visited every corner of the world. Then I would say the head of the FBI or MI5, I am a bit of a sucker for knowing the truth about conspiracies, so I would love to uncover some big secrets! Finally, it would have to be Gordon Ramsay, to help me cook, but also I would be interested to see if the swearing and anger he has on tv was all for show or not! 

What to date are you proudest of?

I would say climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and then teaching at a school in Tanzania in front of a class of 80 of all ages. That was the most I have ever pushed myself out of my comfort zone, and whilst it was extremely challenging, it was also massively rewarding. 

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Loyal, driven, funny. 

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