Sportside announce new partnership with The Mason Foundation’s “Mason Mile”

SPORTSIDE are excited to announce our new partnership with The Mason Foundation’s “Mason Mile”. The Mason Mile provides that first step to activity for people who may, otherwise, feel exercise is not for them. For many, the toughest part of being active is knowing where to get started. The Mason Mile provides a fun, safe environment for communities to come along and walk a mile, ‘Their Way.’ With this month being National Walking Month, this collaboration comes at a perfect time.

Both The Mason Mile and Sportside share a similar goal. There are invisible barriers to entry for physical activity that need to be broken to encourage more people in the UK to be active. The existence of these barriers has culminated in 67% of men and 62% of women in the UK are classified as overweight or obese. Collectively, this partnership will look to tackle these barriers. The Mason Mile are successfully bridging the gap between total inactivity and just 15 minutes of light, regular exercise in a community environment, and the SPORTSIDE app can help you to find new people in a similar position to exercise with.

As part of The Family Mile initiative, The Mason Mile have their very own Ambassadors at the heart of their walks. We are delighted to say that these Ambassadors will also be helping out as SPORTSIDE Community Captains.

What happens after that first step?

Once a Miler has integrated ‘Their Mile, Their Way’ within their lifestyle, many will likely find they have gained an appetite for more. SPORTSIDE can help these individuals who may be looking to explore other sporting activities in their area, such as walking groups or sports teams.

This partnership offers a natural progression, a first step for those who are looking to being more active, one that we are extremely looking forward to being part of the community as we trial launch in Maidstone. Covid-19 has brought into sharp focus the issues surrounding physical and mental health and the desperate need to act. This partnership has come at the perfect time to do so as lockdown restrictions ease and we approach the warmer, sunnier months! With our shared ethos of getting people more active, our combined forces are sure to put a spring back in people’s step and take action in addressing these incredibly important issues!

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