Sportside University Brand Ambassador

Love Sport. Love Life. Love to Connect

Sportside Student Brand Managers are a sports loving, active, entrepreneurial, charming, and dynamic group at the heart of Sportside’s marketing strategy. They are passionate about Sportside and share their love for building the global local sports club encouraging a physically and mentally fitter, healthier world and sharing their love for the brand with their peers, fellow students and local communities. They are responsible for driving the brand image on Campus, build belief in the product benefits, win new users, coaches, clubs and brands, organize sporting events building belief in Sportside and ensuring long term loyalty starting with the local experience through managing the Sportside brand at their University or Campus.

Sportside student ambassadors are the face of the Sportside Brand and part of the best student part time job in the world.

Sportside Student Ambassadors

Sportside is one of the hottest sports Tech start-ups of 2019 launching an App and Platform to enable sporting and physical activity enthusiasts, players, coaches, school / university, corporate and sports clubs, facility providers and sports marketers to Connect, Communicate Participate and Commerce within one all encompassing all-inclusive solution.

The global local sports club is being created!

Areas That Play to Your Strengths

Campus Mission
Plan unique and strategic missions to reach our consumers when they need wings

Be a true expert of your campus, building a targeted campus plan with strong impact to engage diverse groups of students and sports clubs on campus throughout the school year

Driving trial on a daily basis and infuse Sportside into student lifestyle, sports clubs and the local community and through organization and coordination of selected student and sports events on campus, in the community and one on one seeding in an undercover way, with a focus on Connection, Communication, Participation and Commerce.

Building image via Sportside owned events, brand personality hacks and sharing Sportside properties via social media.

Develop relationships with the Students Union, Athletics Union and University sports clubs, captains and players as well as social sports enthusiasts and the local community to build brand loyalty , acquire users, sign up partners and increase use of Sportside amongst University Sports clubs, teams, players and local communities

Product and Brand Experts
Live and breath the product and brand

Act as a Sportside ambassador at all times, be professional & courteous to consumer, campus contacts and authorities.

Have a good understanding of ‘moment of need’ occasions in the everyday lives of students, clubs, teams and the community driving connection, communication, participation and commerce through Sportside.

Be a credible product and brand expert, knowing our product ingredients and brand values.

Build brand awareness via targeted social networking sharing of relevant Sportside content.

Be Experts At Engaging And Interacting With Our Consumers

Grow visibility and availability of the Sportside App, Club Platform and Loyalty Card in sporting events, competitions and key outlets on and around campus.

Organise local sporting events and competitions promoting sport and physical activity engaging local communities whilst raising funds for the Sportside Foundation

Speak to and Visit local sports clubs, teams, facilities and partners to encourage usage of Sportside.

Regularly participate in meetings with local team to align marketing and sales strategies.

Management And Administration
Be Experts At Engaging And Interacting With Our Consumers

Consistently engage with management and report all activity.

Share ideas and collaborate with Sportside through regular interaction in our Brand Ambassadors Community

Identify future Student Brand Managers and Sportside Team Members, driving recruitment initiatives on campus and aiding in training.

Ensure involvement and assistance on Sportside Events and 3rd party supported events.

Your experience Includes

Proven performance in
  1. Current student at the university with a good reputation on campus
  2. Charismatic and outgoing personality with the ability to work with different group of organizations.
  3. Comprehensive understanding of the university sports environment, including behind-the-scenes activities and hot spots on & around campus
  4. Well-connected with a variety of influential groups and individuals on campus
  5. Responsible and self-motivated, with good time management on balancing academic and work.
  6. Ability to work exceptionally well with others in a strong team environment
  7. Possession of a creative mind with an entrepreneurial spirit and a ‘can do’ attitude.
  8. Dedicated and passionate with Sportside brand and promoting sport and physical activity.
  9. Available to flexibly work part-time, including evenings and weekends.

What do you get

Incentives all round

Opportunities to get some Epic Prizes

Show off some awersome Sportside Merchandise

Resume-building experience

Free Sportside Loyalty Card

Chance to win Summer intership at Sportside UK or USA HQ

Letter of Recommendation from Sportside

Opportunity to connect with equally brillient reps from other campuses

VIP access to exclusive Sportside Events

In your cover letter, please include an explanation of why your experience is specifically relevant to this role at Sportside. We want to see your personal style – what makes you tick and why you think your next opportunity is here with us.