Sport has a way of bringing people together unlike anything else in the world. There are renowned stories of British and German soldiers during the First World War putting down their weapons and enjoying a game of football together. And, throughout recorded history, from the most advanced civilisations seen today to the most primitive tribes of the past, we see that sport was played, enjoyed and in some cases worshipped. There are many reasons that we can try to uncover as to why humans have always enjoyed playing and participating in games, but ultimately it falls to the same thing.

It is an intrinsic and wonderful part of being human.

#Sportsider is a representation of this. Highlighting the magnificent people and businesses involved in the sports community around the world. Written by sport lovers for sport lovers our monthly publication aims to be insightful, entertaining and engaging. Showcasing what goes into the sporting industry to keep the wheels turning.

So, a couple of things to mention so that we can establish our core values and beliefs. As the publishers of #Sportsider, we promise to set ourselves the highest editorial standard, to actively fight against any sort of inequality in the world, be it race, gender, orientation or health. We will always promote health and wellbeing and seek to bring communities together. We will approach everything with an open and transparent quality and will find the best ways to engage with our audience.

Above all else, we will always uphold the spirit of sport in the highest esteem and act as its ambassador whenever and wherever we can.

Founder Xan Varmuza

“At its core, Sportside is aimed at bringing people together to enjoy sport. The idea was originated while I was travelling for work in a foreign country and wanted to find someone to play tennis with. This simple idea uncovered a big question that many people who enjoy playing sports have asked: ‘Why isn’t there an easy way to find someone to play socially with?’

The vision of a convenient, selection based app for social sports people was born, and we named it Sportside.

My first entrepreneurial dive into the tech world the idea was officially launched in 2016 and has since grown to incorporate a dozen of the most talented and inspired people who have a hands-on influence on the development and growth of the Sportside App.  

Our cutting edge, digital publication #Sportsider is part of that growth and offers a platform for professional and amateur sports people alike to find new venues, new equipment suppliers, the latest information and new heroes.

Love sport,  love to connect. Love life and enjoy!”