One big challenge facing students in a competitive market is getting real-life experience to enhance their CV and job prospects.  The focus needs to be on employability, not employment.

So Sportside are delighted to be teaming up with Experience Haus – motto Learn By Doing – to support the next generation of UI/UIX stars.

As a major start-up, we are providing students at Experience Haus with live project briefs for them to directly apply their newly acquired skills throughout their course. These courses are held in a leading agency space in the heart of one of London’s busiest startup neighborhoods, Shoreditch. We hope to enrich the students’ portfolios and, in turn, pick up clues on how we can make our app’s user experience even more seamless and easy to use.

For me, the biggest win for students working with Experience Haus is not just about optimising the tech, but learning how to work in collaboration.

As yet, I have yet to come across anyone who is an expert at everything – design, copywriting code, project management, finances, marketing. 

Like a football club, we all have our specialist positions, but the only way we can win is through teamwork.

The art of collaboration is something that cannot be taught in a stuffy classroom. The Sportside/Experience Haus partnership hones communication skills in a real environment, with a real product, real people, real deadlines.

We hope the Sportside project will give students a head start as they take their first steps on to the career ladder.  

A good degree is vital, but being able to demonstrate you can communicate and collaborate with your team and clients an invaluable skill that will last a lifetime.

Experience Haus is a leading design consultancy and training provider that helps students build their portfolio with real-world client projects.  Offering the most immersive, hands-on courses in Product, Service and User Experience Design (UX).