Martial Arts

Parkour Generations. An interview with Dan Edwardes

Dan Edwardes, founder of Parkour Generations began his training in 2001 and has been active as a professional parkour traceur since 2004. He launched his business in 2007 as a vehicle to transmit, protect and teach the philosophy and multiple benefits of parkour training.

Rathbone Boxing Club. Interview with founder Manya Klempner.

What happens in a ring between two opponents is one small part of what goes into the sport of boxing. The physical, emotional and mental development that boxing training offers, which have demonstrative benefits to everyday life and wellbeing, creates a value far beyond merely exchanging blows in the ring until one person is left standing. We caught up with Manya Klempner, founder and operator of Rathbone Boxing Club in London England and found out what motivated her to set up a boxing gym in London’s heavyweight quarter.

REAL. THE POWER OF ONE. Boxing gear from a boxing POV.

Inspired and used by professional boxers, REAL is a brand of advanced and functional sportswear for anyone wanting to enjoy premium equipment inside and out of the ring. The product offers a higher quality of gear supporting a wide movement while being distinctive and stylish.