The SPORTSIDE podcast

Host Flo Williams, rugby fly half for Wasps, looks to tackle issues that face the world of sport. From disruptive topics to high profile sportspeople, we celebrate those having an impact on grassroot and elite sports, levelling the playing field and promoting inclusivity, equality and fairness across the board. Listen in as we change the game.

Flo Williams - host

“As a female athlete I know what it is like to be the ‘only girl’. But being outnumbered never intimidated me – it only inspired me. Having played elite rugby around the UK – currently at Wasps – equality from grassroots to elite sport has been an ever-present narrative for me.”

“Sport holds an emotional key for athletes and spectators to make tangible change in societal perceptions of gender, race, class and sexuality. I want to inspire conversations and awareness, to make a better future for sport.”